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Sophisticated app development service, delivering design and experience to create stand out apps


Appnocrat is an app development house with offices in Pune, India (Appnocrat) and London (Therapy Box). We offer our expertise in design and development to create apps for a range of clients around the world. With user experience and design at the heart of each project, our apps are second to none.

Our team are experienced app developers, designers, project managers and business advisors who help other companies to scope and identify new opportunities, design and create the best product possible.

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Accessibility testing

Ensuring that the app is not only accessible, but usable is the core of the team's work - spanning the process from design through to testing.

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Quality assurance

Following robust methodologies, the team builds and carries out testing plans that include both automated and manual testing; using the latest tools and frameworks.

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Using best practice and working closely with all stakeholders, the design team work to prepare app designs that meet the project aims.

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Project management

Working as a multidisciplinary team with designers, developers and, of course, clients to deliver tech that meets the needs of clients and users.

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Full stack development

The team work on projects across Android, iOS and web platforms; building scalable systems using a modular and sustainable approach.

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Delivering a suite of multilingual educational apps
Delivering a suite of multilingual educational apps

The team worked on a set of x iOS apps that are used in English and Icelandic that help children with speech sound difficulties.

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Crafting accessible keyboards
Crafting accessible keyboards

The team has built over 10 keyboard based plug-ins designed to be accessible for people with complex motor and cognitive difficulties, for use on cross platform apps.

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Localising a healthcare screening app for use in rural India
Localising a healthcare screening app for use in rural India

Working closely with Therapy Box, the team was instrumental in preparing a major research project app for use in rural India

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Ensuring accessibility comes first
Ensuring accessibility comes first

The team has worked on countless projects to carry out testing plans that focus on usability and accessibility.

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Bringing gamification to serious apps
Bringing gamification to serious apps

The design team use their expertise in animation and design to craft engaging animation and gamification tools to be used across education and healthcare apps

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Onkar Dangre

UI / UX Designer

"Working with Appnocrat has been a challenging. Have learned a lot of things, contributed many in Design field. We are a diverse group of people with different skills and experience, which makes it possible to support clients with whatever request they might have."


Ramiz Patel

Quality analyst

"I enjoy the work. When you are making disables peoples life easy then each day have new challenge but at end our efforts brings happiness on our user face."


Namrata Alandkar

Quality analyst

"I have been working for Appnocrat since 2016 as a QA and I love it.I truly enjoy testing software applications looking for bugs and learning how these applications work as a whole. My work schedule is very structured yet there are still enough extra challenges (I love being challenged)."


Vishal Sable

Accounts/Marketing Assistant

"Appnocrat culture always push me to work hard and perform well. I have been able to work with my colleagues often in an informal, engaging way. Colleagues are bounce ideas off of each other and work well as part of a team."


Nikhil Shete

Operations Manager

"As each day has a new challenge ,this makes the work more appealing and helps us develop dynamic temperament to acquire new skills."


Deepak Naik


"I got the opportunity to work with appnocrat and I am really grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights. Appnocrat working fundamentals is very simple and unique. I really appreciate."


Rebecca Bright


“The amazing work Appnocrat do is testament to the team’s skill, creativity and motivation. Being able to work so seamlessly with the London team has been the reason for its success”


Swapnil Gadgil


"Appnocrat Pune and Therapy Box London are a unified virtual team, with positive culture, development skill set and the hunger to solve real world problems. Appnocrat is a shining example of commitment drive and empathy. I learn everyday from my Appnocrat friends."

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